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Our Place
Where's the love?
Where's the hate?
This world we share,
Seals our fate.
Love has passed,
Hate has grown.
In this our place...
We're not known.
Sex's a lie
Just an act
Passive, aggressive.....
Controlling fact.
Go outside
I'm at home
When we're together
I'm alone.
What's better?
This or change?
What has happened?
Who's to blame?
Dreams are smashed.
Waters rise.
Hope forever...
Can't let die!
Take your hand.
I will try.
Stand by your side
Be your bride.
I'll give first
Be my best
Let go anger
Love no less.
Who will win?
Who will last?
Love can swell in
Hate be cast.
Time slows wrath.
Allows for grace.
I'm not alone
In OUR place.
:iconfranticfunfestival:FranticFunFestival 2 1
I long to fly, to soar above where I am now.
To move beyond the troubles of today....
Yesterday, and tomorrow.
I long to fly, to rise over who I am now.
To not be held down by abuse...
Fear, and self doubt.
I long to fly, to be more than what I am now.
To grow and achieve a better job...
A better life, better person.
I long to fly, then when will I? Now?
To go make a step. So I go...
Spread, flap, fly.
:iconfranticfunfestival:FranticFunFestival 3 2
A Total Eclipse
The last three years have been an eclipse.
A total eclipse.
Day became night and it was cold.
There was no sun, no light, not a dim one.
There was no warmth, or warming sensation of...
Love, touch, understanding.
Sorrow was the clouds that made the darkness more eerie.
In my mind there was no peace;
Just sadness, shame frustration, loneliness.
Weeks of days were full of tears;
Nights I also wept.
Laying my head to the pillow brought no relief;
Sleep and rest were foreign to my body.
Memories came and lingered.
They stayed for what seemed like eternity,
The abuse was always my forethought.
Hurt and pain became my way of life.
I gave up my power to her.
I suffered and did not know who I was...
Who I am...
Who I became.
I make myself so small.
I hide in my closet to shut out the world.
Its pain is more than I can bear.
I rest my body upon the wall
And pretend it to be a friend's bosom.
I cry unceasing.
My chest and lungs ache.
I wrap myself in a towel;
:iconfranticfunfestival:FranticFunFestival 2 5
I Am the Wind
A soft breeze on the grass
The swirl of debris
A gentle whiff of summer's glory
The fury of leaves
A flicker of a flowers stem
The lift of a tree
A calm before the storm
The tornado within me.
:iconfranticfunfestival:FranticFunFestival 2 2
A Special Place
A Special Place  
There is a special place,
Way deep within my heart.
I show this place to no one,
For fear branded its mark.
Its a place where hope lives.
A place where I am free,
Of teasing, strife. No bully.
A place that reveals me.
I am Cinderella.
Fly with birds to the sun.
Dance in true love's garden.
Dreams and I are one.
Stay deep in my heart hope.
Hide down in darkness dream.
Wall up inside real me:
For people judge what's seen.
They mock Cinderella
And shoot birds to the ground.
Trample through love's garden.
Tomorrow is brought down.
There is a special place,
Way deep within my soul.
That I go to be me,
When the world takes its toll.
:iconfranticfunfestival:FranticFunFestival 2 3


For You, My Dear
I wanna write you something
Something to make you smile
I've tried a thousand times
This might take a while....
How can I express
The feeling I get
When your arms are around me
And you grace me with a kiss?
Butterflies are beautiful
And they flutter through my heart
Then they rest peacefully
Whenever we're apart
I hope that when you see this
You realize I blush
When I think of explaining
That little rush
The jolt you give me
Like lightening to a storm
When your lips touch mine
And my body gets warm
I feel like a child
A silly little girl
When I write down these things
And introduce them to the world
But I can't help myself
When I'm sitting in class
And I giggle aloud
Shattering silence like glass
Sometimes people look
Sometimes people stare
Then I smile brighter
Because I don't really care
If they knew the thoughts
Running through my mind
They'd all giggle too
And be jealous that you're mine
I hope I'm not naive
When I say I care so much
About a person who's so perfect
In a world that'
:iconsanguine-beauty:Sanguine-Beauty 1 17
Fear the Dark
i do not understand why no one helps us
we are hurting
we are being hurt
we cry out for help
for mercy
but no one comes to our aid
there are so many people who could intervene
but they choose themeslves
instead of others
our bodies carry our pain like war scars
our tears are shed without evidence that they were ever there
we are always there whether you see us or not
we are always waiting for that one person who will
look at us and finally see us
instead of looking through us
or averting their eyes
they pretend we do not exist
that were not worth their time
or their help
and i guess we are not worth it
when so many people look at us
and see nothing
it's hard to see ourselves in any other light
we live in the shadows
we see how you treat us
we see the pity and disgust in your eyes
but you do not see the understanding in ours
because according to you we do not have
the right to be here
we do not even diserve the kick you throw our way
you think that we are just animals
lower than even th
:icondalyla-imaginarium:Dalyla-Imaginarium 3 2
Sometimes. I Am.
I am Lexa. But I am also Nicole and Virjinie. As well as Carter.
Sometimes I am alone and sometimes I am surrounded.
I am always broken and yet complete.
Sometimes I am free but sometimes I am bound.
I am like you but still different.
Sometimes I am innocent but sometimes I am tainted.
I am sturdy yet fragile.
People hurt me and sometimes I react but sometimes I sit still as if nothing happened.
I shed a river of tears but my face is still bone-dry.
My endless screams echo throughout the room yet not a sound is heard.
Words and stories fill me to the brim but nothing passes my lips.
My body is alive yet inside I feel like a walking corpse.
Sometimes I am me.
Sometimes I am you.
Sometimes I am someone else entirely.
Sometimes I am nobody.
If I am all these things and yet nothing then what am I?
:icondalyla-imaginarium:Dalyla-Imaginarium 3 2
The Seven Deadly Sins: WRATH by dahlig The Seven Deadly Sins: WRATH :icondahlig:dahlig 52,817 3,702


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One person can change your life.  I was attacked at my last job.  I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  I had nightmares for years.  I could not stop reliving it in my dreams.  My brain would not let me rest.  It has been over 4 years and sometimes it seems like last week.  I would feel well then all of a sudden I would have a flashback.  It kept me from working.  I had no desire to do any of the things I enjoyed.  I could barely get out of bed.  I have been in counseling and taking antidepressants. 

I came into some information about that person.  I wrestled with what to do with the information.  After a couple of days, I made a call to a friend that knew someone who could get an investigation going.  After a media mess and lawyers and law suit threats.  This person lost their job.

If I ever got the chance, which I probably won't, I would say, "Isn't it amazing the power one person has to destroy another's life.  One by being evil, nasty and hateful; attacking a person and one by making one phone call."  I brought the attacker down.  I feel healed. 


Danielle Thompson
United States
I write light poetry and short stories. I had an unhappy childhood and use my writings to express the emotions I surpressed.


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